Can I share your comics?

Of course you can! Just make sure that my 'Creative Ouch!' signature is visible in the comic. If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I'd appreciate any shares and retweets there to.


What can't I do with your comics?

While I would love for you to share my comics, you must not modify them in way, remove my 'Creative Ouch' signature, or claim my comics as your own.

My comics must not be used to gain profit from in way, shape or form. This means you cannot sell them on directly on products, upload them to online marketplaces or sell them on stock sites.

All of my comics are protected by copyright. If you are unsure if it's okay to use any of my comics, just ask me.


Why are there adverts on your website?

Adverts help me to raise some extra money so that I can host this website, buy materials and help me spend as much time as possible producing these comics. The adverts shown are run by Google Adsense.

How do you make your comics?

My comics start life on paper. They are then scanned and traced over using Adobe Illustrator.


Can I buy your comics?

Hopefully soon. I plan to set up my own online shop so that you can buy prints directly from me.


Where did 'Creative Ouch' come from?

To be honest, I was playing around with some ideas for a name and this one just stuck. As I'm also a graphic designer, the 'Creative' part describes me perfectly. I guess you could say the 'Ouch' part covers my clumsy moments.

Creative Ouch! is actually the name of my graphic design blog with my comics running along side it.